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August 14, 2011Posted by DJGHOSTS3V3N


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Quote: @phoenixsong6 and @ghosts3V3N GREAT work guys, I will continue to test this ROM and help as much as I can, so if you need a beta tester you can send me unreleased versions and I will give feedback along with bug reports.



Just flashed this ROM and so far its running great. The internet is running smoothly. 3G and WiFi are running perfectly. I Have 98 MB memory so far. So far so good. Congrats on a great ROM guys.
Yeah, been running the rom all day and my battery hasn't depleted too much and its still extremely fast and im OC'ed at 710/245 so I love it so far! Amazing job! So far no problems.


Quote: Nice work!


Quote: I love this ROM!


Quote: Hmm, can't wait to see the changelog and install the ROM! Nothing like it if all the CM stuff goes outta the ROM - pure Google!


Quote: First off, FANTASTIC ROM. Runs smooth and works very nicely (compared to CM7's buggyness on the Cliq XT).
Again guys EXCELLENT F'n job! This is definitely my new daily.


Quote: man i've been trying all the roms for cliq xt and by so far yours rock!!! its quick and no boot loops . Looking forward for v.2 tnx man


Quote: Man... I am in love with this ROM! Good Work!



Quote: Quite nice, I like it! Especially how slim it is.


Quote: This rom looks great, I like how clean it is.

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