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Phase #1:

Initial Release of Phase #1
-Based on AOSPXT (@phoenixsong6 ROM)
-AOSP mixed with CM-Sources

Phase #1 v1.0 (http://www.multiupload.com/9CVQWSVYMQ):

Second Release of Phase #1:
-New wallpaper added
-Added the ThemeChooser app
-Added the most recent ROM Manager app
-Made some fixes to the build.prop

Nightly #1 v1.2:

Nightly #1 v1.2: -Removed the ThemeChooser app as well as its dependencies (Download the Theme Addon to enable Theme Chooser)
-Removed the Torch app (Download the Utility Addon to enable Torch)
-Added my Speed Tweak for Speed and Battery Life
-Added a /etc/init.d/ folder for Speed Tweak Script
-Sadly there is no Live WallPaper fix for this version

Nightly #2 (http://www.4shared.com/file/9JlT8eOe...eppelin.html):

Nightly #2: -Added UnderVolt Kernel! (Thanks to @turl)
-Themed the framework-res.apk, new feel in the ROM!!
-Themed the Calculator.apk, will theme other apks later.
-Edited build.prop for ROM Manager (OTA Updates work!), as well as ROM Stats
-ROM doesn't need SIM Card to work.
-Testing to add 10 steps in volume, I think you guys now have 10 steps in Media Volume
-No livewallpaper fix yet.. ;(

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