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July 3, 2011Posted by DJGHOSTS3V3N


This is ProyectAOSP , one of the most hardest work ever created for the CLIQXT.


What is ProyectAOSP?:

A: ProyectAOSP is a series of ROM's which are taken from source and compiled into a certain phone, in this case I will be starting with the Motorola CLIQ/Morrison or MB200 and the Motorola CLIQXT/Zeppelin or MB501.


What is the goal of ProyectAOSP?:

A: Compiling from source basically ALL of the system versions available.


What does phase 1 mean?:

A: It means we are on our first ROM. (2.3.4)


I have been hearing AOSP, what does it mean?:

A: Android Open Source Proyect.


Does this have blur?:

A: NO. No blur is including in AOSP, not now not never.


What system version is this?:

A: Phase 1 relies on :2.3.4 GingerBread. (Latest OS for phones)



Posted by DJGHOSTS3V3N


I would like to give 1,000,000 thanks over to phoenixsong6, Phase 1 is based on his ROM! He has been someone very important in my learning skills over at Android modding and there is no possible way for me to thank him.

To adlx for helping me all the way! You are a very fun person to talk with, and have also helped me a lot! All of my respects towards you.

Over to turl for giving me faith that everything is possible with hard determination.

Thanks to rfunderburk for his two amazing themes:

MIUI Theme

Sense Theme

For all those other people who have helped me since I have started in Android modding!